NVC follow-up projects of
Ruhpolding participants

Part of the concept of Ruhpolding workshops is that participants do not only apply their newly acquired NVC skills but also spread them.

We would like to tell about it.

First, we shortly introduce some projects, initiated by Ruhpolding-participants. Further down, you find portraits of some of the participants, and the magnificent work they do in their home countries to reach a life of peace for all people.

Tanzania, Zion Care Orphanage:
Widow-mothers building a chicken farm

Ghana, Tamale, Grooming Dot Org (GDO):
NVC workshop

Kenia, Nairobi, Canopen Edu. Serv. Found.:
NVC workshops in several child-organisations

Kenia, Nairobi, Canopen Edu. Serv. Found.:
Gem polishing for mothers and orphans

Uganda, Kyetume village, Harriet Kakonge:
Bakery schooling single mothers

India, Pune:
dance education for one participant, creative workshops for slum children

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Miraf Hulegeb:
micro business for 39 mothers

Philippines, Mindanao:
NVC workshops and support for an orphanage

India, Dehli:
NVC Newsletter for children and NVC Workshops
in an orphanage

Amina Mumbuay, Mindanao Philippines

Lydia Mumbi Muchira, Nairobi Kenya

Amina Mumbuay, Mindanao Philippines

Amina came to visit our first NVC Workshop in 2007 in Ruhpolding through contact with Father Heinz Kulüke, and since then, she has taken part in each subsequent workshop.

She lives with her husband and one of her daughters in Mindanao in the Philippines.

They, and also the rest of the family, have been »infected« by NVC, which resulted in the family receiving the prestigious Jolibee Family Values Award (this award for social engagement is given to some families in the Philippines each year).
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Lydia Mumbi Muchira, Nairobi Kenya

Another remarkable participant of the Ruhpolding Workshops is Lydia Mumbi Muchira. Mumbi studied to be a teacher for secondary schools, and taught there for quite some time. Later, she was a school inspector employed in the Kenian Ministry for Education.

Today she is retired and works as Executive director in the »Canopen Education Services Foundation« which was founded by Mumbi in 1993.

What is the task of Canopen and how did it develop?
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The power of empathy: opening doors for stretkids and social workers in Freetown

Sabine Kolping
Sierra Leone

Sabine Kolping, participant of the NVC seminar in 2010, writes:

Dear Gitta, dear all, it’s a bit over a year that we have all been together in Ruhpolding – how fast the time passes.....

To tell you about the NVC and RC-activities in Sierra Leone: I have done two workshops in Conflict Management, including RC and have facilitated one Circle (a conflict here in Don Bosco).

I include parts of NVC in all my trainings – might they be about counseling, conflict management or case management (empathy exercises, observation/judgement or demand/request – just to mention what I use most).

The most funny and enriching is the peace maker training I am doing with two colleagues on the street with street kids. This training includes requests, how to stop a fight, mediation, active listening/empathy. It has had quite an impact on the kids and they are stil exercising their “peace-maker-skills” in their hometown, now that they are reunified.

.....I have never compiled these activities and now that I am going over it – I really want to celebrate – it sounds great.«

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